Best [hardware] solution for small 30 PSTN lines call center


I need to develop a 30 lines call center. Lines are PSTN so I am confused which hardware would best suit my needs. Or should I ditch this option altogether and opt for VoIP trunk and get a DID which allows 30 concurrent incoming calls?

But for 30 PSTN lines please suggest best budget hardware.


If you can use SIP instead of analog lines, SIP would be your best choice. Analog lines, related to a hardware for analog lines you can use Grandstream gateways, dont know if they have a 32 FXO port device

I suggest you read this document so you can discover some of the advantage of SIP over Analog and PRI lines

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Thank you for the quick reply buddy. Exactly I was also thinking to use sip trunk instead of going into the fuss of analog hardware… But if client insists for analog then for sure I will check grandstream gateways…

If any other cheap but reliable hardware option exists then please do mention that also.

Thanks for sharing links, really helpful.

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