Beginner to Asterisk

H Sir,

I am new to Asterisk, My requirement is from the beginning

My Requirement

Need to install Asterisk on CentOS
Format for outgoing calls
Need to track all the outgoing calls in terms of call duration and all other MIS requirements

Please, Could anybody help me in getting a step by step process on the above.

Thanks in Advance

Satish Kumar

Generally, if you need step by step instructions, you need to pay a consultant. The forum for making such requests in the Jobs forum.

If you are not familiar with Asterisk I would personally download one of the Centos based ISO distributions. Have a look at FreePBX (they have a Centos based image) and PBX in a Flash which is also Centos based. PBX in a Flash is Centos 6.2 based and there are both 32-bit and 64-bit images that you can download and simply install from scratch on a bare server.

My own view is that any GUI based system is best used as a productivity aid by someone who understands what the GUI is doing, rather than as an alternative to understanding what is happening.

In any case, I don’t think any of the referenced packages attack the call accounting requirements.

Both of those distributions include CDR reporting. There is not specific call accounting (costing) mentioned above. CDR reporting will indicate call durations and who called who (call volumes, etc). If call accounting is required there are other addons that can provide these.

I’m quite happy to see more people running Asterisk even if most of it is through a GUI (in this world of Windows most people only know using a GUI). I’d strongly suggest having another system to play with though so that whilst you are reading “Asterisk: The definitive guide” (downloadable as a free PDF file) they have something to have a go with.

It can also be very instructive to use the GUI and then examine the dial plan created to see how it all works as well.

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.

We are already using a system where the clients make there calls, all these calls are being tracked and other MIS reportings are captures.

The new requirement and system required is for Outgoing calls from our company to the branches.
Please give me some Idea to configure astrieks for outgoing calls.

Thanks in Advance

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Satish Kumar

Are all of the branches networked - if so what sort of connections? Do they have their own phone systems? How many users are at each branch?

I am not sure if they are all networked, most of the branch managers are called on thier mobile phones

In which case are you looking to Asterisk to replace the existing system or to supplement it?


I am initiating a new system as a whole. I am using different server in which I am having CentOS. All I need to is to install Asterisk (which my System Administrators will take care) and after which I need to configure Asterisk for the outgoing calls.

Thanks and Regards,
Satish Kumar

there are couple of document to install asterisk in centos, the one i am using in

as you told new bee, you can use the Freepbx , its a very good gui tool for asterisk configuration.

for configuring the freepbx for making outgoing ,incomming, extensions etc use the below document … _tears.pdf