Beginner Questions

I am planning to create a hosted autodialer, and I am a little mystified on a couple of things.

I have seen some companies offering unlimited use on their hosted autodialers for $250/month per user. What I am trying to figure out is how they can do this and still be profitable, and also get an idea on their profit margins.

From what I understand, termination costs around 1.5 cents per minute, and the “unlimited” LD is not really unlimited. So, theoretically, someone could use enough minutes to where the autodialer company would lose money on their account. Do they just use the law of averages and not worry about the outliers?

I was also wondering if they could be using analog lines and taking advantage of local telephone company deals. I have contacted my local telephone company and they have lines that they say really are unlimited LD, even for call centers, for about $30 per line. Problem is, can I define the outbound CID on an analog line? The companies I am looking at advertise user defined CID, so if this is not possible on analog, they must be using VOIP.

Thanks for any guidance!

A business whos owner doesnt even know the basics of the business is destined to fail. My advice is if this is what you really want to do hire someone who knows the business inside and out, if that costs too much money find another business.

Wow swaterhouse, you’re a real inspiration. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field, which is why I came here - to learn. But I suppose you knew this business inside and out once you came out of the womb.

yeah, certainly a bit uncalled for.

I would have to say that the companies offering unlimited for $250/mo probably have at least a concurrent call limitation… thus putting a ceiling on the maximum amount of traffic any one customer can utilize.

They are probably also running this traffic over circuits with free LD from the carrier. You pay for the trunk, but not the usage… it all comes out in the wash though.

So my local provider just told me that I can’t modify the outgoing CID on their lines. So I am assuming I will have to find an Internet Telephony Provider. Anyone have some good pointers on how to go about this? Any providers out there that really do provide unlimited LD termination?

you will have to call around. most of the providers have varying arrangements based on the minimum usage/trunks you are buying.

Thanks g2010