BCM400 <PRI> Trixbox1 <IAX2> Trixbox2

I think there is a small detail I am missing. I have a nortel bcm400 connecting to trixbox with a pri cable. That trixbox talks to many other trixboxs via IAX2 trunks. 4 digit extensions across the board. Looks Like this…

BCM400 --PRI-- Trixbox1 --IAX2-- Trixbox2

So, I can dial from BCM400 to trixbox1 and vise versa. I can dial from trixbox2 to either pbx. The problem is when I dial from bcm400 to trixbox2, the call drops. When I run an asterisk -r, I see the extensions are coming across properly. Need a asterisk ninja… my kung fu isn’t strong enough.