Basic config

Hello all,

I am a newby at Asterix, so i’m sorry if the questions i ask are quite stupid. I already searched the forums, but was unsuccesfull in finding the answer.

I installed AsteriskNOW guided by the manual i downloaded from the website.
I have the system up and running and was able to register a hardware voip device and a softhone (X-lite) to the system.
I am also able to make calls between the 2 clients. Now the questions: I want to accomplish that i can make a call to the “outside world”. My system seems registered at a VSP but i am not able to. When I call my “outside world” telephone number i hear the message about a Weasel or something. Following the manual, there is one part i got stuck; In chapter 4 Connecting to a SIP service provider, the manual is mentioning:


I cannot find out where to place this. Do i need to add it to the extensions.conf? Or some place else?
Besides that i am wondering what i need to fill in for the host. Is this the destination server of the VSP, in my case Voipbuster? Tried to find it in the manual, but it seems to pass right on with connecting 2 Asterisk Boxes to each other.

I also cannot get incoming calls redirected to one of the voipclients. I only get the sound of the Weasel :smile:. Am i missing someting in the manual?

Thanks for any help.


hi mark,

the [my_service_provider] is put in sip.conf.

while host= is your voip service provider’s ip address

also if you cannot get incoming calls, you might check that a correct extension exists within the context [incoming_calls] in your extensions.conf.