Banging my Head: Registering older Aastra devices - "PJSIP Syntax Error Exception"

Hello, everyone! After a 10 year hiatus from Asterisk, I’m back… and I’ve brought some old devices with me. I hope you can help me with some insight into an issue that I am having in getting these things up and running.

The issue: I am trying to attach three Aastra 480i CT devices to my Asterisk 16.10 instance (running FreePBX

I am having the following error:

[2020-06-03 23:46:56] ERROR[753]: pjproject: <?>: sip_transport.c Error processing 487 bytes pac
ket from UDP : PJSIP syntax error exception when parsing ‘To’ header on line 5 col 13: PJSI
P syntax error exception when parsing ‘From’ header on line 6 col 15:
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK666c98f2e
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0
To: sip:301@
From: sip:301@;tag=9c851aa566aaf9d
Call-ID: 7e5d5e6c27eebfbcf96f1065bc151f10@
CSeq: 1294091859 REGISTER
Contact: sip:301@;transport=udp
Allow-Events: talk,hold,conference
User-Agent: Aastra 480i/ Brcm Callctrl/ MxSF/v3.2.8.45

I can see that the server address is missing from the To:, and I’ve been trying to sort out how to correct it, and will continue to do so, but I’m hoping someone here can give me a bit of insight to move me forward.

I’m afraid that this may be an issue with my infamiliarity and learning curve with PJSIP.

I appreciate any ideas you might have and realize these are legacy devices, but hope this post and its subsequent responses can also help someone else in the future.

Have a great day!


You need to place the packet inside of a Pre-Formatted Text block so it is unaltered. From the PJSIP side, though, if that message occurs then it means the packet is invalid - nothing in PJSIP will alter that.

Hey there, jcolp - Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Is that something I should do from the aastra.cfg file or the “Action URI Configuration” on the web gui for the device?

I must admit I’m a bit rusty on this, but coronavirus has unfortunately forced me to handle some things that haven’t been in my purview for a very long time. My 40 year old brain doesn’t seem to work on these things as well as my 25 year old one did :slight_smile:

I’ve never configured an Aastra, so I don’t really know about that aspect.

Again, thanks for the help; I will take your tip and continue to apply Google grease liberally and hope that someone may have some experience with these relics!

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