When I have asterisk running, it takes up all the bandwith. To the point where all my other computers can’t get to the net. Even when I do not have any phone calls comming in or going out. Is there a way to limit the bandwith that asterisk uses?

That doesn’t sound normal as mine doesn’t do that. What kind of internet connection do you have? How many VoIP lines? Are you sure that it’s the Asterisk box that’s using all of your bandwidth and not some virused-up Windows box?

I agree. This does not sound normal.

The server uses 0 Bandwidth when no calls are going through it ir to it.

Sounds like you might have something going on other than asterisk on your net.

Are you using your asterisk server as a gateway or router or firewall to the net?

Asterisk is the only thing running(besides my softphones). It could not be anything else! When I shut down asterisk, everything returns to normal. What I mean by that, is that I can surf the net.
By the way, I am using asterisk@home. I did not install anything else on the Linux box.
Please help!!!

Asterisk @ home can also include a DHCP function. I think it’s installed by default.

Check to make sure you don’t have two different DHCP services running on your network. A rogue DHCP server can cause all sorts of trouble on a network.

If the A@H system is giving out the wrong IP addresses to your network clients, they won’t be able to see your gateway to the internet.

It would seem like there’s no available bandwidth, but the real problem is there’s no available network gateway.