(BAD!) Sound quality of the NEW GRANDSTREAM BT 101 and 10

Does anyone have tried these new grandstream BT models?

Don’t you have the same problem when you test a new one compared with an old one?

Please help me. I need to by more than 50 phones and the test phones that I bought are from the new model and they are not working well.

I’m using firmware and I’m making tests whit old BT models and the new ones, with the same firmware and version 1.0.518 to.

My Client does not want to approve the solution with this problem on the new BT model.

I don’t have any problem with the old BT model on the same server, network, etc, etc…

BT sound quality has no “cuts” or noise. But the sound is much more “lower” and not clear and crystalline.

I’m using PCMA and I have tried several codecs.

If I only turn on the speakerphone the line sound on an “old” BT is much higher than on a new one…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I´ve confirmed that I´m not the only one with this problem.

As Grandstreem just sells the new model by now, BE CAREFULL with this problem. The new phone version DO NOT WORK WELL. Sound is realy very bad.

The grandstream suport did not reply to our email.

For information porpuses. The BT 101 & 102 problem description

We have 4 BT phones from the new model being tested, in the backside of them we can see “Grandstream PASSED” dates of 31-08-2005 and 3-09-2005. None of them have the QC number as the old models did.

We are using the latest firmware revision on the BT and GXP phones. We do not have any kind of problem using the phones from and to GXP and old BT phones with the same firmware version.

We have tested beta firmware 1.7.11 without any change on the sound quality.

We have problems when we place a call to the new BT model (NBTM). If the call is placed from a GXP, from an old BT or any other brand of phone we notice that the sound quality is worst than if the call is placed to an old BT model.

If we place a cal between two NBTM the sound quality is noticeable Bad. The sound is much more “lower” and not clear and crystalline.

We are using the same codec (PCMU or PCMA) in the entire phones configuration. We have tried then all.

We make some tests, replacing the headset from an old BT in a NBTM. The sounds get a little bit clearer, but not enough; we had noticed that the problem still exists on this situation.

We also noticed that if we turn on the speakerphone the line sound on an “old” BT is much higher than on a new one using the maximum volume as possible.