Bad Quality sound on Asterisk

Hi ,

can you please assist as am experiencing Bad Quality sound on asterisk.


Are you running your Asterisk on a dedicated server or on a VM? What codec are you using? How is the Asterisk server connected to the clients?

Also, some indications of how the sournd is actually affected may help to identify the mechanism for the fault.

The version of Asterisk may also be important, as there have been transcoding bugs, in the past.

Normally sound quality problems, other than those intrinsic to the user of low bit rate codecs are either due to operating VoIP over networks with excessive jitter, or packet loss, or running on a VM that has not got adequate priority for accessing the host machine’s resources.

With dahdi, you could have problems on ISDN, if you select the wrong codec type, but the distortion, in that case, is quite severe.