Background(silence/3) command is not working

Asterisk 1.2.16
Zaptel 1.2.15

I am not sure when it quit working but I just noticed that even tho the cli shows it is playing the “silence” it does not do it. I have everything setup to use g729 now. Could that make a difference? This used to work just fine. Now all my prompts are clipped at the beginning. For example instead of “Camedia Mail” prompt I only hear “dia Mail”, etc. I have to put silence commands everywhere to make the prompts sound right.

– Executing BackGround(“SIP/20-b7a11040”, “silence/8”) in new stack
– Playing ‘silence/8’ (language ‘en’)
– Executing Hangup(“SIP/20-b7a11040”, “”) in new stack

Can’t seem to tell which is not working from your post. Is it silence/3 (/8)? or is it the sound clip such as “Camedia Mail” prompt? Why do you say “it does not do it”?

It’s fairly common that a media clip is clipped at the beginning.

You are right, almost all of the prompts are clipped. I was able to fix this by putting "Background(silence/2) before each prompt. This worked fine until recently. Now the CLI still shows it is playing the “silence” but it really is not. I change the example above to silence/8 which should have played 8 seconds of silence. It did not play any. It went right on to the next command in the dialplan.

Use Wait(time) easier than playing silence.

Might it be a sound file problem? Each file is 165 byte long - and all are identical.

Wait() is different from Background() in that it doesn’t allow user input - so have to carefully select wait time.

I think this is a distribution bug since 1.2.14 (no silence sound before). Look at this It lists significantly larger files with sizes proportional to length.

so then if you want input use Waitexten(time)

OK. I tried Wait() and Waitexten() and both of them pause the specified time, then play a clipped prompt. I downloaded the silence .gsm files from the link in the post from valley. Those work great!! I am back to using the Background(silence/1) method and it works. Thanks everyone!!

You may want to file a bug so next release will not include blank sound files in case other people want to use them. I know by 1.4.0 the files are exactly the same: 165 bytes.