B410P ISDN L2Link Down


I’ve managed to setup the B410P card with a TrixBox, but the L2Link, which start in a UP state when the drivers are loaded, goes DOWN after some seconds, and unless the line is “waken up” by an incoming call or a manual “misdn port up 1” command in Asterisk. When the link is down, I cannot make any outbound calls. There must be some solution to this???


Anybody??!?! :cry:

I am in the UK and the second layer is suppose to go down after some time, as in most European countries, but it should be taken up when a call is made. There must be some solution to this???

have you tried “pmp_l1_check=no” in the group config in misdn.conf ?

Yes, for some reason the screen was overflown by hfcmulti_rx/tx messages without end… I had to reboot…