Azure Asterisk Setup Issue

Hi All,
I am setting up the Asterisk 15.5 in Azure Centos7.

I am not getting the public IP of the request from where it is coming but of the private IP of my firewall interface.

00021 1593775452 * ==>           SIP/2.0 200 OK
00022 1593775452 * ==>           SIP/2.0 487 Request Terminated
00023 1593775452 * <==          INVITE SIP/2.0
00027 1593775452 * <==           ACK SIP

My STUN Request is also failing. When I use the private IP of stun it connects to it but when I use public IP it is showing status fail.
Is it happening because of the same public IP issue and how can I resolve it?

I have done same setup as AWS and my AWS is working fine.

have you setup an external address?
Externaddr i believe is the parameter.

Yes Dsiemens, I have setup externaddr in pjsip

And the external media address might have to be set as well,
What is the firewall? Maybe its something that is doing some extra help.

ya, I have added external media address as well. I am using Sophos firewall

So with sophos they have a voip proxy Are you using that proxy? Its under Network protection? I believe if you are it will rewrite the headers.

You may want to turn off the network protection and just try with port forward rules in the firewall.

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