Avaya G3R Integration to Asterisk

I have a large G3R running V9@V3 and we want to know if Asterisk is a possible next generation replacement for our G3R. To walk down that road we would like to start small and work up.

To do that, it seems like running Asterisk behind the G3R is the thing to do. I would like to carve off a small number range and allow Asterisk to manage it. I would like to see it as transparent as possible for transistion, and just grow the Asterisk (if it can do the job) until the trunks come off the G3, analog stations are replaced, and we slide into an all VOIP environment.

Has anyone put Asterisk behind a G3 with some PRI trunking between them? Something similar? Another suggestion?


I Successifully integrated Lucent Definity G3 (i think v9) with asterisk via E1.
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