Automon zap channel

I am trying to setup one touch recording on a dialout channel. My extensions.conf says

exten => _XXXXXXX,1,Set(DYNAMIC_FEATURES=automon)
exten => _XXXXXXX,2,Dial(ZAP/4/${EXTEN},,hHtTwW)

DTMF works for the hH options here is my features.conf

parkext => 700            ; What ext. to dial to park
parkpos => 701-720        ; What extensions to park calls on
context => parkedcalls        ; Which context parked calls are in
parkingtime => 45        ; Number of seconds a call can be parked for
               ; (default is 45 seconds)
transferdigittimeout => 3 ; Number of seconds to wait between digits when transfering a call
courtesytone = beep        ; Sound file to play to the parked caller
               ; when someone dials a parked call
xfersound = beep        ; to indicate an attended transfer is complete
xferfailsound = beeperr    ; to indicate a failed transfer
;adsipark = yes            ; if you want ADSI parking announcements
;findslot => next ; Continue to the 'next' parking space. Defaults to 'first' available
pickupexten = *8        ; Configure the pickup extension.  Default is *8
;featuredigittimeout = 500    ; Max time (ms) between digits for
               ; feature activation.  Default is 500

blindxfer => ##        ; Blind transfer
;disconnect => *0        ; Disconnect
automon => *1            ; One Touch Record
atxfer => *2            ; Attended transfer

it appears that nothing from features.conf works on my zap line. I do not have a sip phone to test avalible… Is automon avalible on ZAP channels? if so how can I set it up to function.


I am running asterisk