Automatically calling user with message generated by web app

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I am a newbie and your input will be greatly appreciated.

Our web service needs to deliver notifications with a passcode to user’s phone when certain event comes up. The passcode will be generated dynamically for each user while other parts of the message are static. If user doesn’t answer the call, a voice mail should be attempted to be delivered. The user can be in any part of the world. Preferably, user should be able to interact with the message and press some button to replay message or the pass code. The usage is quite low, around a couple of thousands of calls per year, so it’d be preferable that any service or server we need to use is open source or low cost. Our team’s expertise is in web, java and unix front and not so much in voice. Is there a solution that allows HTTP interface? I may be asking for too much but some SMS gateway services do provide HTTP/S api, so I thought that I may get lucky here. Our service promises high availability so it’d be great that the solution is highly available too, but I think that I’d be happy with some basics pointed out for starter.

Is the Asterisk the right thing for what I am trying to do? What are other alternatives?

Once again, your help will be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, Asterisk can solve your needs and I would use it for such an application.
To start an Asterisk call your web application can use the asterisk manager interface, … o-dial+out ; the call will be directed to a section of the Asterisk dialplan that will call the user and will interact with him, Asterisk IVR offers all the functions needed.

To learn about Asterisk and its features you may read the book Asterisk TFOT 2nd edition: .


Marco Bruni