Automatic 'sip reload'


Is there any way to do ‘sip reload’ automatically, for example, each 30 minutes? Or - better - to do it when some registration fails?

Sometimes registrations fail, and simply ‘sip reload’ helps. Some devices, like Oracle AcmePacket can reload its sip registrations automatically in case some of them fail.

Can Asterisk do the same?

Of course we can reload sip with the help of crontab. But maybe there is a better way built in Asterisk?


I don’t think that you can do it directly from Asterisk. But you can do an script in combination with a cron job that check if registration fail. If registration fail then make sip reload.

could be something like this.

asterisk -rx " sip show registry" | grep -w Unregistered && asterisk -rx " sip reload"