Automatic dialing


I have a custom web browser application I need to connect with Asterisk and do automatic dialing (so the user can initiate call via web browser).

Solution now:

  • server with Asterisk and Apache
  • client computer running web app gives order to Apache
  • Apache starts a script which connects over ssh to the client’s computer (running linux) and there starts linphonec (command line sip client) which automaticaly dial a phone number and the call can start

This solution has many drawbacks. It depends on linphonec and linux client and is too complicated. I want to be independent from sip client and have possibility to automatically dial a phone number.

My idea is to start software or hardware sip phone, dial some number (“log in”) to connect to asterisk and have a “permanent call” with asterisk. Then the web server can send call files (or with another method) to asterisk, which creates call with SIP provider and connects such channel to the “permanent call” from client and call is working. After the call end, disconencted is only the channel to SIP provider, but “permanent call” holds and is ready for next call

Is something like my description possible? Or I have to stay stucked on liphonec and linux client? Or does somebody have better suggestion? The requirement is, that the computer user can only click in web application and everything else is done automatically. The user can not have access to phone dialpad or have responsibility to make call answers, this has to be controlled by the web application/web server/asterisk self.

Thank you for your advices,


use a sip phone (software or hardphone) as agent phone. to login your auto-dial system, agent dials an extension which executes agentlogin(), then his phone is ‘permanently’ on.

you can create a set of .callfiles after agent login to start the auto dialing. the callfiles actually dial out to customers and bridge to your agents.


Thank you, this is what I was searching for