Automatic Answering Machine

I’m wondering if its possible to connect to a asterisk machine two (or more) voice modems with a telephone line in each and make Asterisk deliver a automatic message at certain hours as an answering machine

For example
In line 1:
This is Mr. A I’m are out contact later
Line 2:
This is Mr.B I’m out contact later

And different hours for each one
For example

Answering on Line1 :Active from 1pm until 5pm
Answering on Line2: Active from 3pm until 6pm and 8pm until 10pm

Is all this possible? I found via answering machines software it is possible to be done, but is really costly, so I’m looking for alternative solution

Thanks in advance


Yes, Asterisk can do this but not with voice modems, to connect Asterisk to analog lines you need an fxo card like the Digium TDM410.


Marco Bruni

Great, considering I’ve installed the TDM410 instead of the two voice modems what shall I follow to make this happen working?

I have not found any documentation about this :frowning:


What should the answering machine do when the time isn’t in the range you specified ?
Ring an extension ?
Or the answering machine will get the calls only in that time range ?


Marco Bruni

When time is out of the range just don’t do nothing special, stay off the anwering machine, receiving calls normally.

So the analog lines will be connected to Asterisk through the Digium card, when the time is in the range specified just play a message and hangup, when the time is out of the range Asterisk forward the calls to an extension, right ?


Marco Bruni

Yes, but how do i do this?

Any documentation about this specifically?

This is a simple ivr but I don’t know about any specific documentation about, I suggest you to read the good book Asterisk TFOT 2nd edition (look in the forum for the link to download) and then try to adapt the following sample (which I didn’t test):


Also you’ll need to define a specific context for every channel of the Digium card, to send the call from different analog line to different contexts.


Marco Bruni

Thanks for the info.

Looks easy, like an easy script.

I will take a look.