Automated Queue Login

Hello, all! Thanks for having me on your boards. I administer our Cisco IP Phones through PuTTY and have a quick question.

Is it possible to create a script (cmd, bat) that can automate a process that me and my team have to go through each morning? Here’s the deal, we have three queues that are set up in an ACD/IVR My team consists of four members. Two members log in to two of the queues, while the other and myself log in to all three. Can I write a script that will launch PuTTY, log in to the console, log those particular extensions in to the queue at specified time, and then log them out at the end of the day?

Your help is most appreciated. Thank you!

One would normally use AMI for this, but if you want to use CLI, I would use asterisk -rx from a cron job.

Why not stay in the queue all the time and use GoToIfTime or time dependent contexts to only route calls to the queue in working hours?

That could work. I’m fairly new to this system and am slowly learning all the neat little tricks one can actually do. I appreciate your replies.