Automated Attendant with PIN to Access Specific Departments

We want to implement a PBX/VoIP system soon. One goal is to eliminate voicemail left for our emergency support department by client’s who do not have that level of support. Requiring a PIN to access a specific department would achieve this goal.

Would Asterisk support something like this:

User calls and is offered a list of departments (Case Based Support, Managed Services, Sales … ).

During the business hours:
If the user selects, Managed Services, the call will be routed to our managed services department and handle as usual. Either answered or a voice mail left.

During off-hours:
The user would be required to enter a pin to access managed services, after entering the PIN, they are presented with a menu for standard support or emergency support. The emergency support queue would then notify our staff via email.

If Asterisk can do this, are there any pre-packaged versions that may give me a jump start on getting this setup. I could probably roll my own as I’ve setup a basic asterisk box before but right now time is more of a constraint.


what you’re asking for is about 10 minutes work. i wouldn’t bother with the bloat of a GUI. YMMV. read the wiki and the free book, then decide for yourself. links in the sticky at the top of the forum.

Real easy. Read the book and search the wiki