Auto Redialing Service


We need a system through which auto redialing can be done through 10 digital lines simultaneously and to whom we are dialing picks up the phone, the call should be transferred to one agent and the other 9 lines dialing should be abandoned.

Can this be done through Asterisk?

Place 10 outgoing calls to 10 different numbers, first one to get answered gets connected to an agent, and the rest get dropped?

Yes, that can be done quite easily in Asterisk.

However, your network operator may consider this to not be “fair usage” and, unless you have a contract with all the call parties to allow you do do this, it may be illegal in your country.

We have to call a single party who have 5 telephone numbers and we want to simultaneously dial these all 5 numbers through 20 digital lines that is to say 1 telephone number will be fired (dialed) by 4 digital telephone lines simultaneously from our system. This is because the other party’s lines are continuously very busy.

We want that our line should be the first to get connected to the other party and the system should immediately transfer the connected line to the specified agent and should stop dialing all the other 19 lines after any 1 line gets connected to the party.

Is it possible with Asterisk?