Auto Provisioning from carriers possible?

Is anyone aware of a way, or application available that.

  1. can retreve the provisioning file from the carrier.
  2. Store the configuration (plain test or encripted in some fasion would be prefered)
  3. configure asterisk to use that service.

I ask since some providers (Lingo for my case) will not give you the account information to be able to use * as they are paraniod that there service would be abused and lose profits. I respect that decision by them. So, what would be prefered maybe is the carrier could use for example the MAC address for the machine in which I would be able to enter on their web site for my account (bad example I know that MAC’s can be spoofed ). In turn their config server would allow my Asterisk machine to retrive the configuration for my account.
Is there any way I could help such development of an application if there is not?