Auto fallthrough... What does this mean? Asterisk-1.2.0-rc2

Hello… I have a Multitech MultiVoIP which I am trying to get working with asterisk 1.2.0-rc2 through H323 and have been having hit and miss success with it. Recently I started getting the following Auto fallthrough with a status of UNKNOWN. I am assuming that I have done something stupid in my configuration somewhere. Can anyone give me some information and where to look to resolve this? I have dug around and am not finding anything.

    -- Executing Answer("OOH323/MultiVoIP-6b0e", "") in new stack
  == Auto fallthrough, channel 'OOH323/MultiVoIP-6b0e' status is 'UNKNOWN'
Nov 12 19:45:22 ERROR[27330]: src/chan_h323.c:1341 onCallEstablished: Channel has no owner

ooh323.conf (caught from another post)


Thanks in advance.

Nevermind. I figured out that the MultiVoIP had stripped away all the digits so when it arrived at the asterisk server that it didn’t have a extension to dial. I would have thought that the s extension would have caught it but it didn’t.