Auto dial out to an IVR without using call files

Is it possible to auto dial to an IVR without using call files and also pass the DTMF inputs to the IVR based on the IVR prompts during the call?

Yes. However, your requirement is not clear enough to be specific.

You have originate, from dialplan or AMI, and you have various options on Dial, that allow dialplan to be run against the the called party.

Hi David. My requirement is to automatically make calls to an external IVR from a local extension and automatically pass the appropriate DTMF/values to the IVR based on the prompts in the external IVR.

For example if the IVR prompt says “Press 1 for English”. I should be able to pass the DTMF value as 1 to the external IVR from the local extension. Once this is passed then say the external IVR then prompts me to enter the username, password I should also be able to pass the username, password from my local extension.

To do it synchronously, use U or G on Dial. You will have to use silence detection or time delays to decide when to respond to the IVR.

To do it asynchronously, use Originate().

Hi David. Thanks for your help. Is there any resource or website URL which could assist with regards to the functionality that I was referring to?