Auto conf SIP service Provider

Just trying Asterisk for the first time and found it fairly easy to work with.

But, my new ISP and VoIP Service Provider auto updates the SIP account settings in my Zyxel P-2602R-D1A router, several times a day.

Is there any way for Asterisk to auto update settings for SIP Service Provider?

What do you mean by auto updates ? What does it ave to do with the SIP account that you are using in asterisk ?

The auto update you are referring to probably has to do with a firmware upgrade and not unless you write your ow script asterisk does not have a way to read different firmware packages.

The router is preconfigured to the compare the SIP account settings/configuration with some kind of image based at the ISP every 8 hours.
I tried deactivating the SIP account in the router, but withon 8 hours, its activated again!
My ISP/VoIP Provider will not/can not deactivate it…

Anyway, i only need Asterisk for incoming calls, so i will try to get the router to forward any call to the Asterisk server.

I don’t think the router will be able to since the calls are set to go to that specific router. I would start looking at a new ITSP.

You may be right there.

How about if i connect a regular phoneline between the router and my Asterisk server?
Currently i can connect a “normal” phone to the router using RJ-11. And that works fine. Except i have to answer it myself…

That should work with a D-Link DVG-2001S

An ATA would work but
A) You have just defeated the point of VOIP
B) You need an ATA that has an FXO and not an FXS (like most ATA’s do).

You are right, but the VoIP+number comes free with my broadband.
And i just use it for my company and only needs it for Voicemail, Dialin support and so on.

A. Yes, but it connects my VoIP line with my Asterisk server.
B. Hmm, that on is a little harder. Do you have any suggestions?

You can’t get better than free.
I would actually go with the TD400P so you get a timing device for zaptel.

Many thanks.

Although Asterisk has many conf files, its pretty straightforward.
Its almost enjoyable.