Auto Attendant w/ the caller ability to dial out externally

Hi Guys;

I am sorry for the very simplistic question;

I would like to set-up a service that does the following:

A - A user dials to a number with in the PSTN, where the Asterisk server is connected to (E1/ISDN30);
B - An auto attendant feature on the server answers the call and plays a pre-recorded message;
C – During or After the message is played the user gets a dial tone;
D – The user dials any number and gets connected to that number;
E - Billing starts from the moment the auto attendant answered the call till when the user ends the call.


1 - Is it possible to configure Asterisk to work in such way (Points A,B,C & D)? Is there a name for this set-up/feature?

2 - Is there a billing engine or an accounting package with in Asterisk (Point E)?

Thank you


It’s been done.

Check here for details: … plications

Hey Dufus;

Thank you for your reply.

The link you have posted refers to calling card setup, which in a way i could use, but i asm looking for something simpler than that;

a person calls a number, this person is greeted by a standart message, and then this person gets a dial tone and dial out.

There isn’t need to have an account, as the call charges are charged to his telephone provider, more he/she makes calls more i should get paid.

Have you seen anything like this before?

Thank you