Auto attendant intermittent answer of ported numbers


I am using an Asterisk system, and have noticed that numbers that have been ported in are not being correctly dealt with by the auto-attendant 50% of the time. It will answer, but nothing is heard and after 30 seconds you hear “The number is not answering please try again later”. I have 6 other purchased numbers that work fine, and if I change the DDI on the 2 ported numbers to any other type of extension it does the correct thing everytime.

I am in the UK, using Magrathea, Any suggestions are appreciated.



The CLI verbose output of the call is ?
And the SIP trace shows ?

Do you have sample CLI output of a failed call?

Can you post the relevant sections of dial plan for the IVR. (Destination context for the inbound call and the IVR)