Auto answer recording extension

I want to make an extension which when called will simply pickup and record staying connected until the calling party disconnects.

The idea is to make it work like all those per minute call recording apps on the iphone, so I can three way call from a phone to the extension and merge them thus recording the call.

I need to know what to put in the various config files to accomplish this. Thanks all

To do what you describe, you would create a extension, in extensions.conf, that does the following


There would of course need to be logic to set the file name. Then you would have to have a way for the user to get their recording, etc.

You could also simply look at features.conf. You can set buttons sequences for automon or automixmon, the defaults are *1 and *3 respectively. You would also have to set the Ww and/or Xx options in the Dial commands use to make the initial calls.

this is what i ended up using

exten => 1777234XXXX,n,Answer()
exten => 1777234XXXX,n,Record(/media/data/recordings/${CALLERID(ani)}/${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},GMT-6,%m%d%y-%H:%M:%S)}.WAV,0,0,qxk)

now I’m trying to expand it so that you can listen to recordings on the same number, but I want it to default to recording. So I figured I’d just have to press # to stop recording and then it would continue in the context where the rest of the programming is. I have tried a few different dtmf modes rfc2833, info, and inline. I also tried to make it the * key instead of #, but no matter what I do it will not stop recording. this is the line in question

and this is the line after which of course never gets used.

anyone know what else I can try, oh I don’t know if this matters, but I am calling from a cell phone.