Auto answer not detected

Normal in and outbound calls work but when outbound call is answered by an automatic announcement, the call keeps ringing until timed out: My setup does not detect that kind of automatic answering. Example: If I call an off-line cell phone, the provider answers with an automatic service announcement, but my Asterisk setup does not detect the answer but keeps ringing without establishing a connection. Same happens when call is answered by an automatic messaging announcement.

This sounds like the call hasn’t been answered, but rather that you have received in band progress signals. The Progress() application should allow those to pass.

I’m assuming that you are using an analogue interface, but you really needed to have said.

Perhaps you perfectly understood the situation but I do not understand what you mean by “The Progress() application.” Please elaborate because I am just now trying to learn Asterisk…
If the call is answered then it must have been answered in a sort of a way that my system does not respond to. I looked at Progress() and some of the issues involved. If this is my problem then I hope someone could help me resolve it: What kind of configuration do I need to add?

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updating to 1.8 helped with one system that was doing that

trying to avoid this…
Asterisk gui seems not to work with 1.8…
where and how would I add the progress() configuration?

Before the Dial, in the dial plan.

If you are having problems with a GUI, you really should be using the forum for the GUI.

finally solved the problem after reading my eyes out over many nights:
The progress tones were not received and indeed it was related to Progress()…the problem were my router firewall settings and simply forwarding udp 10000-20000 for rtp solved the issue.