Audio Problem


How can we minimize the audio during sip to sip calling.

appreciate ur help on this matter.thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “minimize the audio”?


The incoming and outgoing audio during a call.

you could try not talking, that would minimise it a lot.


The incoming and outgoing audio during a call.[/quote]

That’s not what i mean.

What do you mean by “minimize”??? Your question doesn’t have any meaning at all.

hi willkemp,

what i mean of “minimize audio” was during conversation, the audio on both the callee and caller was over modulated…that’s exactly what i mean.

Hope u could help me solved this problem.Thanks in advance.

Do you mean you want to reduce the amplitude of the audio - so it doesn’t over modulate?

In which case, it’s not over modulated - because there is no modulation taking place. The audio is sampled, not modulated - and you can get distortion from clipping, because the amplitude is too high for the analog to digital sampling. However, this is something that can only happen at the phone as the analog audio is sampled to a digital stream by the phone - or by the computer’s sound card, if it’s a softphone.

Once the sampling has taken place, there’s nothing you can do about any distortion. However, it’s possible that what you’re hearing is not caused by this. Other types of “distortion” can come into it with VOIP.

You need to describe your problem clearly and exactly. For a start, what phone(s) are you using? What does the problem sound like? What have you tried to do to fix it? What was the result of what you tried to do? Etc…