Audio Problem with TE110P

I’m using AAh 2.5 but i had this problem with AAH 2.2 aswell.
I’m have a problem with the audio playback eg weather or time, well anything where you should hear the womans voice talking to you.

It works fine when i take out the TE110P card, but when it’s in there is no audio playback.

The isn’t any errors the CLI

== Spawn extension (from-internal, h, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/1006-6bb3’
– Executing Answer(“SIP/1006-7072”, “”) in new stack
– Executing Playback(“SIP/1006-7072”, “at-tone-time-exactly”) in new stack
– Playing ‘at-tone-time-exactly’ (language ‘en’)

Please help

Do i need you update the zap driver, or does the latest zap driver come with aah 2.5?

Please help!

Hi, I’ve been having the same problem. The issue occurs when you don’t have the /etc/zaptel.conf file configured properly. Here is a document from digium explaining how to do it:

Thanks nesken for your reply

Yeah the problem was with the zaptel.conf

I just followed the info on
and got it going.

Thanks again