Audio input from 16 different radio

I would like to use asteriks if possible, to manage 16 audio channels and use asteriks as a streaming server. Is this possible and if so how? Thank you very much

What does “a streaming server” mean? Asterisk itself is foremost for communication, it’s not really a streaming solution.

Let me try to explain myself better. I have 16 audio sources and a number of users who need to listen to these audio sources via an ethernet connection. I thought that by simulating a call to a certain number that identifies the audio source, the operator would be able to listen to the audio as if it were an answering machine. Let’s say a bit of a forced application, but identifying the source as if it were an extension could work. I don’t know Asteriks in detail, so I don’t know if it can be adapted for this need. Thank you for your quick reply

Potentially? It all depends on the audio sources and how you all put it together.

hmm you could create 16 queues/conferences, that each have a stream
unless you users only have a phone to connect with, I do not believe SIP is the right solution
but even with queues/conferences you still need to get you audio source converted into a SIP channel

very old articel that may be usefull

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