Audio Buffer between core and channel driver

I have been looking through the functions and applications, and have not seen exactly what I am searching for, so I thought I would ask here.

Is there any implementation of an audio buffer / Delay in asterisk? This buffer would take voice frames buffer them up for a set amount of time, and then release them to the next destination. If not, is there a application or function that does something similar that could be used as the basis for implementing this?

The jitterbuffer does that. It can set on a channel using the JITTERBUFFER dialplan function[1].

[1] Asterisk 19 Function_JITTERBUFFER - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Thanks Let me take a look!

Ok, I jsut took a look, and it seems like I can do a fixed buffer. I am assuming it will be able to buffer about 3-5 seconds. THats all I am looking for. So it would be SET(JITTERBUFFER(fixed)=3000). I am not entirely sure what the resync is, so I would leave it out?

Right, you would leave it out.

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You are intending to use it way out of specification, so I think you have to do your own tests.

The intended use of jitter buffers is to provide some protection against frames that arrive late, but without introducing delays that make the use of the system difficult for users, as would be the case in going much above 100ms. Resynch-ing allows for cases where frames don’t arrive at the expected average intervals and the delay becomes too low to provide adequate protection, or excessively high.

There is no standard filter intended to be used to introduce long delays just for special effects

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