Attributes of a conference hall

Hi All,

We all know that the conference rooms are defined in meetme.conf in asterisk under the rooms header,and every time one defines a room we have to restart asterisk.Why is that so?

I also want to know if anybody can tell me what changes takes place in asterisk after a conference room is created and asterisk is restarted.In other words what is the state of asterisk before and after creating the conference rooms.

Also what are the attributes of a conference hall that one can find in asterisk and where are they exactly located in asterisk?

It would be of great help if anybody answers or says something regarding the above mentioned questions.Please!



restart or reload is required after changing any conf file. But there are alternatives for this - some conf files can be stored in database, in this case no reload is or restart required. This option is called RealTime. Unfortunately as long as I know meetme is not yet supported by RealTime. To learn more about it, goto

However, you can either have your rooms created dynamically, without need of changing meetme.conf and restarting, or have rooms in meetme.conf and only reload app_meetme module using Asterisk CLI with following command: ‘module reload app_meetme’

To learn how to create rooms dynamically and find out other options/attributes, goto

Alternatively, you can get useful info about meetme() options by typing ‘show application MeetMe’ in CLI

a reload will only reload the conf files - it does not kick any current callers off - no users will ever know a reload was issued.

a restart will stop all calls and is not necessary if you are only intending on adding conference rooms.