This is not a new topic. I repeat this is not a new topic. This is an open letter of gratitude to strubinsky. Like any newbie in the asterisk technolgy or any technology for that matter, somone has got to start from somewhere. My ignorance cause me that problem. Luckily, I have entered this forum, and God heard my prayers because someone from this forum told me where to get my resources. That in the form of an angel name Strubinsky. In linux, a daemon is a service, in my own term I call a person who render services to his fellow man without asking for a price he rendered is an angel.
You see i live in the Philippines which is a third world country, a poor country, but people here are not without lacking the interest to learn with new technology. Filipinos are hardworking, and focused on thier assigned task. What we lack is the hardware and sufficient learning materials. But with the advent of the internet, the playing field is now level. But we are just starting. Bandwidth in this part of the globe cost much. Books are much costlier. hardware is much, much, costlier than some part of the world. But education is the only solution i had in mind to address our current debacles.
That is why i am striving so hard, that is why i am eating my pride, accepting i am ignorant to this technology. But i wont stop until i have my asterisk going and running.
Asterisk is my thesis and i have only a month left to submit and defend what i believe to be a new rovolution that will change filipinos perspective towanrd telcos. That filipinos will now have a chance to lower the charges of long distance call to talk to thier love ones who are working abroad (we call OFW’s, oversea contract worker). This Thesis is for them.
Thanks again strubinsky.