Attended transfer bridge

Is there a config setting where I can change the bridge type used for the attended transfer from type=basic to type=base so video will be supported when the 3-way is invoked?

As it is out of the box, once we invoke a successful 3-way, we lose video mixing by the Asterisk “softmix”. The main difference is that the attended transfer is type=basic but the confbridge app sets type=base.

Example 3-way bridge:
asteriskCLI> bridge show all
Bridge-ID Chans Type Technology Duration
95de86ed-06d7-43a8-b279-5d066e6c8fdd 3 basic softmix 00:00:40
CLI> bridge show
95de86ed-06d7-43a8-b279-5d066e6c8fdd all
asterisk*CLI> bridge show 95de86ed-06d7-43a8-b279-5d066e6c8fdd
Id: 95de86ed-06d7-43a8-b279-5d066e6c8fdd
Type: basic
Technology: softmix
Subclass: basic
Num-Channels: 3
Num-Active: 3
Duration: 00:00:51
Channel: PJSIP/ProviderIMS-00000004
Channel: PJSIP/7033331111-00000005
Channel: PJSIP/CellProviderIMS-00000006

Example confbridge:
asteriskCLI> bridge show all
Bridge-ID Chans Type Technology Duration
3980ea7b-e493-417c-bd5c-a2d66cfe99d4 3 base softmix 00:00:17
CLI> bridge show 3980ea7b-e493-417c-bd5c-a2d66cfe99d4
Id: 3980ea7b-e493-417c-bd5c-a2d66cfe99d4
Type: base
Technology: softmix
Subclass: base
Creator: ConfBridge
Name: 1
Video-Source-Id: 1593538602.32
Num-Channels: 3
Num-Active: 3
Duration: 00:00:22
Channel: PJSIP/7033331111-0000000a
Channel: CBAnn/1-00000004;2
Channel: PJSIP/ProviderIMS-0000000b


There is no configuration or ability to do so. Setting the type isn’t sufficient, there is also configuration stuff that has to be set on the configured bridge which is not available to be done.

Thanks. Then I will configure a feature app and dialplan to support dumping all channels into a conf bridge.

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