Attended transfer (atxfer) w/ AgentLogin logs out the agent


  • Using Asterisk
  • All agents are logged in using AgentLogin, so line 1 on each phone is always off-hook. A new incoming call goes to the next available agent (the agent just hears a beep and the call starts right away). This part seems to work just fine.
  • Attended transfer is enabled in features.conf (atxfer) using the code *2 , and the Queue and Dial commands have both transfer and hangup enabled (h and t options)

In general, an attended transfer works:

  • Agent answers call
  • Agent determines a transfer is necessary
  • Agent dials *2 and then an extension, the caller hears hold music
  • Extension answers and Agent explains the situation to the new person
  • At this point, if the Agent dials *0 (the hangup code) the Agent gets the caller back and hangsup on the extension they are trying to transfer to (this is expected).

The problem is that there does not seem to be any other key combination an Agent can dial that will result in the call being pushed to the person/extension the Agent is trying to transfer the call to… it does not go through unless the Agent actually hangs-up their line (which results in them NOT being logged into the queue and off-hook any more; they have to re-login)

Is there a key-combo I missed that will allow an attended transfer with out the Agent hanging up the line?
Or a change to standard configuration to allow this to happen?
Or even a possible source code change to enable/create a feature code they can then use to push the call through?

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