Aterisk Trixbox + voicemail annoucement question


I want to remove for all of my extensions the message saying "Please leave your message after the tone. When done, hang up, or press the pound key."
I am using trixbox and I supposed it’s not possible to do it from the WebUI.
Someone can help me to remove it from the files.

PS: i heard about adding “s” flag to the Voicemail call will suppress it but I don’t know where. So any help is welcome.



i only know the pure asterisk but have no experience with Trixbox.

About the s-flag: that is true: more info at … +VoiceMail


Thank you for your fast answer.
Can you please at least tell me in which file I am supposed to find the line i need to modify?
voicemail.conf, sip.conf…?

Thank you


This is a trixbox question, so asterisk people will not be of much help. Not sure why are you asking here instead of the distro specific forum.

Trixbox as any FreePBX distro should have:

option under General Settings