Aterisk call forwarding without 302 moved temporarly?

is there any default CFU service on asterisk that makes CFU without the SIP 302 (so not the one activated with *72)? So a CFU that created a second outgoing call leg toward the forwarded?

There is no default call forwarding service on Asterisk. You should consult the person who wrote the dialplan. In particular note that the dialplans that come with Asterisk GUIs, like FreePBX, are part of the GUI, not part of Asterisk.

*72 service seems to be embedded in the dahdi FXS service and causes CFU via SIP 302.

There is no Asterisk control frame (in include/asterisk/frame.h) that would appear to allow such an indication to be passed between channel drivers, so I think it rather unlikely that this is implemented in the dahdi channel driver. On the other hand, I do get some hits for it when querying it in relation to FreePBX (e.g., so I am pretty sure this is part of the FreePBX dialplan and not part of the Asterisk core.

Also, as a general principle, Asterisk does not implement features that require memory in the Asterisk core. It requires dialplan code to explicitly remember things in global variables or database records.

Incidentally, on pure Asterisk systems, it is much more common for people to ask how to do what 302 redirects do.

I should also point out that Asterisk General is a discussion forum, not one for asking support questions.

FreePBX peer support is at

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