ATCOM IP02; indications.conf back to default value at reboot

Hi i’m using a pbx ATCOM IP02.
The unit comes with a default indications.conf where ‘country’ is set to ‘us’
country = us

in order to play italian dial tone for FXS extension i needed to modify to
country = it

Whe the unit reboot or power-off indications.conf back to default
country = us

i suppose this value is stored in some internal db.
The pbx is running asterisk SVN-branch-apbx_64M-r3596.
How to set “country=it” permanently ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Asterisk is not doing this. Is the product based on an Asterisk GUI?

Do you edit the file from console? Can you access the device through ssh/telnet as root or admin user?

@david551 : it has GUI. I don’t know if based on official Astersk GUI; how to check ?
@astbox : i can root the device through ssh/telnet as root.

Through ssh/telnet i modified
then run dahdi_cfg
then from GUI i had to apply changes “dummy” to FXS (i just enterd in edit mode for FXS extension; then save without changes; then apply changes)

Now the box is running and workig properly playng italian dial tone for FXS but i power-off or need a reboot i will lost this configuration.

I also contacted ATCOM support : still did not get a complete answer but at the moment "it seems to be a feature"
about them :smirk:

If it is based on Asterisk GUI, you have problems, as that is well past end of life. Basically, though, if you have a GUI, that is responsible for the outbound routing decisions. Although there may be people here who use some of the more common GUIs you should really use the support channels for the GUI. If you want to subvert the GUI, that generally involves even more detailed knowledge of how the GUI constructs Asterisk dialplans.

@david551 :Thank you for yuor explanation. Then hope someone already had some experiences with this ATCOM GUI. I suppose default values are stored in some internal db but i don’t know where located and how to access :smirk:

Hope to read some new hints and suggestions from the community.
Thanks in advance,

From the manual I see there is an option for a file editor. Change from there the indications file and try again.

@astbo : do you mean chapter 7.8 @ page 46 ?
as far as i understand i can upload cutom files :
users.conf,extensions.conf and chan_dahdi.conf.

7.8 Custom Dialplan
to upload Custom Dialplan. There are three types file: user, dialplan and dahdi.
NOTE: You must prefix custom_ to your custom file and context to avoid conflict with the system file,users.conf,extensions.conf and chan_dahdi.conf.

if not please what’s chapter and page ?

From this one, don’t know if it is the right one

page 24.

@astbox thank you for your reply and link.
Unfortunately is not the right one.

User manual for my ATCOM IP02 is here

Write a script that makes all the changes that you want. Find the rc.local file, usually in /etc but you might need to find it. Then put at the end of the file your script so every time your box reboots to execute the changes. Don’t forget to put to reload asterisk at the end of the script to enable all the changes.

@astbox thank you very much for your hint.
I will try this way and i’ll give feedback.