At VM greeting: 'Press 2 to be transfered to my cell'?

Can the preconfigured dialplan used for leaving voicemail be modified without having to recompile source?

After I send a caller to the VoiceMail() application and they start to hear my greeting, I would like for him/her to be able to press a button to exit out of voicemail and instead be transfered to my cell phone. I would inform the caller of this option when recording my greeting.

I can’t find a .conf file that seems to have the the voicemail dialplan in it though.

Well I dont no about send it after getting into voicemail but how about after so many rings play a cutom message maybe press 1 to leave me a voicemail press 2 to try my cell phone ?

Doable, but then I’ll have too many people calling my cell. :smile:
If I could just mention in my greeting to “press 2 if this call is urgent”, then most people would just leave me a VM.