AT&T problem with trunk

Hi All,
I’m in the middle of transfer of my phone numbers from Silverstar provider to AT&T. Before we complete this proces we wanted to test voice quality and overall performance, therefore we requested few numbers for testing. I’ve added new trunk in our FreePBX and defined peer as follows. Problem is that status of the peer is “unreachable”. is our main internet gateway and has been configured as our AT&T PBX. Please advice where can be a problem? FreePBX


You have qualify set but the peer is not responding to OPTIONS.

The problem is why. However, you have some unusual features in your configuration, that may or may not be problems:

An outbound proxy that you didn’t mention.

A service provider that doesn’t require you to authenticate yourself.

A service provider that knows your IP address without your need to register.

A peer that sends UDP from other that the agreed port.

A service provider that actually supports direct media (which you enable under the obsolete name of canreivite).

A service provider that can send numbers piecemeal.

A peer that is presumably on a public address, but needs NAT workarounds, even though your system is not configured to be able to find its own public address, so is presumably not behind NAT. (The default setting of nat is sufficient when you are configured as behind NAT.)

An environment where a 2 second round trip time is acceptable (is this on the moon?**).

You also appear to have a syntax error in dtmfmode, and you are using insecure=invite when it has no effect as invites are not secure in the first place (no secret).

** actually the moon would show as unreachable with a 2000ms qualify, as the round trip light time is about 2.6s.

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