Astrisk Install for dorm what hardwar needed?

Very Very new to the forum and almost as new to asterisk… I am a Cisco guy normally.
I have an area in a dorm where I need to install some additional wireless APs in rooms, to do so I need to remove the current 12 analog phones (ran on cat6 cable) and connect to the network then add a SIP phone, and the Access Point. The dorm users already have an analog phone system, and I don’t want to have to create a whole new setup, I just want the easiest setup to anchor each one of this SIP phones to the DID/Ext in the old phone system, that they previously had. I want to SET it and FORGET it so I wont have to do any changes. What should I use as far as hardware? Is that a brooktrout card how hard would the config be?

Thanks so much for the help

Anyone got a good handle on this? I am interested in pursuing this but need to know if it is feasible. From what it looks like now I think i will need a few Remora cards in a asterisk box, then just route calls from each sip out the appropriate analog port on the Remoras.
Does this seem right? Any pitfalls that I might encounter?

Yes. It should not be a problem, although I have grown some gray hairs using Wifi + Voip in such an environment (such as a college). If you can see if you can run Cat5 to hard phones. Connecting your current PBX to via “POTS” should not be that hard but the cards will be costly (depending on how many ports you want to set up. Good luck.