Astrisk 1.6.1 rc-1, Addons Build issues and Gosubif changes

Asterisk 1.6.0.x is very unstable so I want to go to Astrisk 1.6.1 rc-1 which appears to have resolved some of the instabillity issues. The issue I am having is that 1.6.1 has broking some things as well. Can anyone confirm this issues on 1.6.1 rc-1.

Asterisk Addons 1.6.0
Asterisk Addons 1.6.0 svn
Asterisk Addons
None of the above three will compile and instal properly on Asterisk 1.6.1 rc-1…

It also appears that the GosubIf has been changed in this release. If you only provide a true lable for the jump in previous versions all flows well. But in the 1.6.1 rc-1 if you don’t provide both a true and a false lable for jumping things break

exten => x,1,GosubIf(condtion?doSomthing,1) Falls to the next line on false in all previous versions in 1.6.1 rc1 this fails.

Any ideas on these issues?

bump… Anyone at all had this issue??

I got a asterisk developer to look a the errors and this was the solution.
I hope it helps someone else as well.

This is because you have to use matching branches. For example for Asterisk 1.6.1 you need to use asterisk-addons 1.6.1, you can not use asterisk-addons 1.6.0 with it. You can get asterisk-addons 1.6.1 from subversion using:

svn co … ches/1.6.1 [^] asterisk-addons

This will check it out into the asterisk-addons directory. I have confirmed it builds against Asterisk 1.6.1 happily.

I am testing the gosubif and gotoif and will past back any updates.