Astograph examples

Searched the forums with the word astograph and didn’t get a single hit. Anyone got any examples of the commands to use to make this thing work. What little I found on a general google search does not seem to work – at least for me. Appreciate any instructions on how to make this thing work. Thank You.

I’d never heard of it before (thanks Google). Looks like a fun project

I learned about it from Derek and Sean at Asterisk training in Vegas. Thus far, I haven’t been able to get it to produce the dialplan flowchart.

to run astrograph firs you need to install graphviz

Centos :
yum install graphviz

Debian :
apt-get install graphviz

then you need to get the code
git clone

it will create astrograph folder and download files in it .
Then you should copy your extensions.conf in this folder and run following command

cat extensions.conf | ./ | dot -Tpng:cairo > go.png

Now you can see go.png :smile:

Thanks very much for your reply. I will give that a try.