Astguiclient login

I can’t for the life of me get it to where I can login to the gui. I’ve followed both the scratch and base install text documents and entered all kinds of information into mysql, including most importantly vicidial_users entries for user, password, etc. When I try to access the gui in my browser with my serverip/astguiclient/admin.php it prompts for a username and password, over and over and over and over, like I’m not entering it correctly. I don’t get it and it’s really frustrating.

I tried same issues too cumbersome and no success for such an effort, loaded 1.4.4 and loaded GUI and have had little to no problems…

Excellent instructions on

Got the gui installed by following your link and am able to view it in my browser…finally. Cool stuff. We’ll see if it works and let you know. Thanks.

I wouldn’t wish astguiclient on my worst enemy.

Astguiclient and VICADIAL aren’t for the faint of heart…

OK…Asterisk GUI is really just script in pretty format…nothing overly extravagant. What I was really hoping for was to be able to attach audio messages (via a gui) to phone calls and this GUI doesn’t do it. From what I’ve been able to gather from the Scratch install document is that the astguiclient is capable of campaigning in such a fashion. So now I revert back to my original post because I would like more than a plain-jane GUI. I can’t be the only one whose come across this problem. Someone’s got to know the fix. Any takers?