Astersik 1.4 Gui - Missing input field and errors

1.) in asterisk 1.4 there is a providers.conf file where providers can be defined.
Problem is that fromuser = cannot be predefined because if i have several numbers then i have to choose. Most of the time it the same name as the user registration name but some providers use a different name for fromuser. That is the reason why i am missing the possibility to enter the fromusername (this should be possible within custom and with select provider)

My question: do i make anything wrong or are there other thing in the pipeline?

2.) incoming calls
if i like to divert a call to 2 phone then this would be possible if i enter 555 | 557 --> call will be diverted to 2 phones ect 555 and 556
if the gui retrievs the information it will display only 555
a better solution would be if the reads the available extensions and if the user can choose which extensions should be responsible for the incoming call