Asternet: Fetching active calls list in meetme

Hi, I’m new to Asterisk. I’ve spent the last few days to figure out how to fetch data from asterisk by asternet on my web app (
I need to get the list of active calls in a meetme conference, but I can’t find any action or event in asternet for that. I don’t want to use Confbridge as it makes lots of changes on the asterisk server side.
Also I tried:

response = conn.SendAction(new CommandAction(“meetme list 201”));

but it receives the response, only the result of the action (success/Failure) not my desired actual data payload.

Any advice is appreciated

This really seems to be a question about how to use SendAction in asternet. Asternet is third party code, and open source developers rarely develop for Windows, so the chances of finding an Asternet user here is quite small. I’d suggest using Asternet’s support channels.

app_meetme.c’s AMI actions and events are listed in the source code comments for app_meetme.c and none of them are about listing lots of status information. They start somewhere near line 500.

I had a quick look at the code (when I first replied), and the documentation (today) for asternet, and, as it is is inadequately documented in the wiki, the code for action_command() in main/manager.c. Although I haven’t worked all through this, as I don’t really want to learn asternet, it looks to me as though you need to use this variation on SendAction:

with the second parameter suitably configured. I imagine you can get ManagerResponse object out of the process, although probably not trivially (I don’t have the time or inclination to work through the whole process).

It looks like ManagerResponse doesn’t have any specific knowledge of the Output: headers from the AMI command action, but does have a general GetAttribute method for reading back arbitrary headers. I couldn’t find the implementation, today, so I don’t know how it handles the multiple headers that I believe you will get, based on reading the AMI code.

As I think I already said, this isn’t really the place to ask about how to use asternet. People here may know the PHP class libraries, but the chances of finding a .Net library expert are slim.

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