Asterix with Lync 2013


First off I would like to state that I know absolutely nothing about Asterisk or Voice as a topic really. I have been learning this for only 3 days.

I have been challenged with learning Lync for work. My background is Exchange. The whole Lync / Voice thing is all new so any help please can you explain in a way an idiot would understand? thanks

So the problem. In short I cannot get Lync to accept calls coming over SIP from the PSTN. It just doesn’t accept the call. After hours and hours of testing and trying I think it is because the number coming from the PSTN over my SIP providers trunk does not conform to e.164.

Reason I think this is because of the following

  1. I can place a call to the PSTN from Lync through the SIP trunk to my Asterisk Gateway and then over another SIP trunk to my SIP Provider, works great

  2. From a softphone connected to Asterisk I can also dial out to PSTN via the provider SIP trunk

  3. From the softphone I can call Lync using both standard UK number format i.e area code + subscriber number and by using the e.164 format +44 area code + subscriber number works fine

On my SIP trunk to lync I have a manipulation rule set so that any number that is 11 digits strip the prefix 0 and add +44 to make it e.164 complaint. This works as point 3 above would not work unless the dialer explicitly defined e.164.

I have an inbound rule that accepts and DID any CID to forward to the Lync SIP Trunk

From the CDR logs I can see my dialer’s number in plain format i.e area code + subscriber number with a destination of tdial set to destination SIP/Lync with a result of failed 0s.

I think numbers coming in from a PSTN source or from my SIP provider is somehow not being manipulated into an e.164 number. Lync will not do the conversion for me, it has to be the gateway.

Can anyone please help me? I am tired, frustrated and all i need is this one thing working and I have a fully operational Lync / Exchange / PBX / SIP lab I can use for learning and testing. I feel so close to cracking it, just need some guidance.

thanks for looking.