Asterix wctdm on VM

Hi, we have created Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit with Asterix installed.
We did it on VMWare. Now we are trying to find VPS where we can do the same. But we always fail.
We found several hostings on openVZ, XEN with available ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32/64 bit but noone provides wctdm support.
When we try to run modprobe of this driver we get:

root@voip-vpn-ubuntu64x:~# modprobe wctdm FATAL: Module wctdm not found.

Last time we tried it on XEN and ubuntu 64x
Hosting owner told us that we can compile this driver on our own.

So I have a question:

  1. Is there any manual with how-to compile wctdm
  2. What virtual infrastructure we should use and not get problem with this driver, how we can avoid it?

Thank you.

Compiling is easy. The problem is loading it without having the real hardware present.

Are there really VM hosts that can virtualise the Digium hardware?

Maybe and if you want only the wctdm for timing you can use a timer usb stick from sangoma and enable the USB control to your VM.

And maybe you are interested in